Tumbling, Trampoline and Cheer Classes

Payments may be made monthly or quarterly to fit everyones needs! NO REFUNDS are given once a payment is made.
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$65(New Registration) 

$45(Renewal Registration for currently attending students)

Registration is due every Aug/September. No proration is given for later registrations. If your student quits for any amount of time and comes back then full registration is due again. If you start in the summer then your renewal will not be due until Aug/Sept of the following year. 

Team Class Monthly

$160(4hrs a week + open gym) 

$210 (Fully Unlimited up to 16hrs a week)


Team Class Quarterly

$640(4hrs a week + open gym) 

$840 (Fully Unlimited up to 16hrs a week)
Ages 4.5yrs+ Must have a back handspring without spot, will learn perfect form and advanced skills much faster. Will compete in Floor, Double-mini and Tramp. 

**2hr class**

Recreational MONTHLY 








Recreational QUARTERLY 

(Jan-April, May-Aug, Sept-Dec)







Basics Class

Ages 4.5yrs+ No more than 5-6 students per coach,  basic tumblers will learn everything from cartwheels to back handsprings and basic double-mini. 

**1hr class**

Intermediate Class
Ages 4.5yrs+ Must be experienced in basics, can do back and front walkovers and has a back handspring on the floor consistent and without spot. Will work on perfecting back handspring form, round-off back handsprings, multiple back handsprings, whips, aerials, double-mini passes and more.

**1hr class**

Intermediate/Advaned Class
Ages 4.5yrs+ Must be experienced in intermediate, can do at least 3 back handsprings without spot, back and front walkovers . Will work on aerials, perfecting back handspring form, multiple back handsprings, whips, aerials, double-mini passes and more.

**1hr class**


Advanced Class

Ages 4.5yrs+ Must have multiple back handspring without spot, will learn connection of multiple skills, whips, tucks, layouts, fulls, double fulls, double-mini passes and much more.

**1hr class**

Cheer prep Class   
Ages 8+.  Students will learn exactly what they need to become a Jr. High or High School cheerleader from dances, cheers, jumps, kicks, stunting and more.

**1hr class**  

Tramp Class   
Ages 6+.  Students will learn entry trampoline skills up to highly advanced skills. Trampoline is a great class to add for any level and helps build coordination.  A back handspring is recommended

**1hr class**  

Private Lessons   

$30-55 a half hour depending on coach

All ages.  Students will have 1-on-1 private attention from a coach of their choice, students do NOT need to be members to schedule a private lesson. 24hrs advanced notice is required for cancellation or the full amount will need to be paid. Private lessons are great for students who want to focus on a specific skill(s) or need the extra attention they can't get in a class.

**30min to 60min**

Saturday Clinics   

See monthly update link for dates/times, limited spots $30 per clinic

All ages.  Students will have a lot of 1-on-1 time without a private lesson, clinics allow students to get the extra practice they need without attending extra scheduled classes. Students will focus on the specific tricks they want to learn. To attend students do NOT need to be registered members. A full non-refundable payment needs to be made in order to reserve a spot. 


Open Gym (Fridays 3-5pm)   

$10 for 1hr or $15 for 1.5-2hrs
Ages 5+. Open gym goes from Sept-April. This is a supervised practice and not instructional. Students can practice on whatever they would like during this time. The Olympic tramps are only for team members. Non-members are welcome but must have a legal guardian signature before participating.  Some Fridays will not be open so please visit the monthly update link for exact dates and waivers for students who are not registered at our gym.

**60min class**