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About Us


1.  GIRLS-Leotard (connected from top to bottom) must be worn. Athletic shorts/pants may be worn over.

     BOYS- Leotards with athletic shorts/pants 

2.  Tumbling shoes must be worn by ALL students

3.   Hair must be pulled up and out of the face. NO BOBBIE PINS OR SHARP CLIPS

4.   No jewlery of ANY kind 


5.   No loose clothing, belts, belt loops, skirts or tutus



Holidays and Breaks

Classes are followed by the Davis County School District calendar. We will only take off for major breaks and holidays. There will be no make up classes for scheduled holiday breaks and no change in payments. PLEASE SEE THE MONTHLY UPDATE TAB FOR CLASS BREAKS.    


Registration and Payments

Payments are paid ahead and due by the 22nd of every month . If payment is past the 25th then a $25 late fee is applied. No discounts, or credits will be given for missed classes.

Registration is due every year in Aug and holds their class spot. Registration is NOT prorated. If your student stops even for a month or two and joins again, the full amount of $65 is due again. If you register in May, June or July you will NOT owe another registration fee for fall sign ups.  

MAKE UPS are as follows:

1 allowed Jan-April

3 allowed May-Aug

1 allowed Sept-Dec


How to make a lesson up????? Use the ICP app or link on the main page. Once your athlete has missed a class they will have a 'Make-up token" on their account this will allow you to use the token on the class of choice if it is open. If the athlete has already attended their allowed make up for the session they will not have a make up token. No make ups are allowed without a make up token. To use the token you will hit the  account button, select your athletes name, there you will see the make up button, this will let you assign your token to the class.


If at any time the gym is forced to temporarily close due to unforeseen circumstance only then will Tennille assign extra gym make up days. Those days will be sent out via email.

Fuzion is a monthly membership. We do not charge by class and will not give extra make ups or discounts for planned breaks. Payments are based on a four week month, however some months will have 5 weeks and some months will have 3 weeks, no extra fee will be charged for five week months and no discounts will be given for 3 week months. Lessons will all even out in the end.

HOW TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP:  Log into your ICP App or use the link on the main website page. Once logged in, click account then your athletes name. From there you will see a Drop Request button, notice must be given by the 20th since billing officially pulls on the 22nd for the following month. Once billing has been pulled NO REFUNDS are given as their spot is held for that month no matter what. Student will be allowed to finish out the paid month.

PICK-UP and DROP OFF: Please drop off 5-10min early and pick 5-10min late. As much as we love our students  we are not a baby sitting facility. If you are earlier or later than 12min picking them up you will be charged $1 per minute every minute before/after the 12min. This is HIGHLY enforced, we are not responsible for your student between classes.  

NO REFUNDS of any sort are given. You are solely-responsible for ANY and ALL payments. Everyone is on autopay from ICP unless you opt for a cash prepay option. It is your responsibility to cancel by the 20th to avoid other charges. ANY payments you have set up is your responsibility and only yours.

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