Welcome to... Fuzion
(Located in the old K-mart building next to Javiers and Extra Space Storage)



In order to be open we have to obey strict guidelines. Here’s the breakdown:  

The “New Fuzion” ATHLETES 
1. No parents or spectators in the facility, drop off only. 
2. Everyone must wash their hands upon entering.
3. No students touching  
4. Do not come if you or anyone in your family has been or is starting to feel sick.
5. All students will stay 10ft or more from each other. (Luckily with my facility being so big we can easily do that. 
6. No more than 1 person per 120ft. That would allow us to have 125 people in the gym at one time. I will only be allowing a MAX of 25-30 people in the gym at one time as of now. 
7. Marks will be made on the floors to help with distancing. 
8. Athlete room will be spread into multiple areas. 
9. Tumbling shoes and leotard MUST be worn or they can’t attend. (Please sanitize shoes before and after)

The “New Fuzion” Instructors  
1. Optional face masks
2. Sanitize and wash between each session
3. Enforce proper distancing 
4. Give instructions by voice or personal demonstration. 
5. Will avoid touching students as much as possible and keep within social distance standards
6. Record of Coaches temps and health will be taken before entering and upon leaving. 
7. Those students attending will be set with a set instructor(s) each time. 
8. Instructors will only help with hands on attention if they feel a dangerous situation needs to be avoided or handled. 

As of May 4th we have started our summer schedule. The summer schedule is listed below. To sign up for a time please call or text the Fuzion number. If I do not reply within a day please try again as I’m sure I might miss some people since my phone lines will be busy. 

For those interested in joining the fuzion competition team please let me know as well. I will be posting either a YouTube video or zoom meeting with all the info. I’ll send a link to all those interested. I’am only allowing 55 on team this year. Normally I would have a tryout but I will be taking the first 55 who are serious about it and willing to commit. Student needs to have at least a back handspring on their own to join. Usually we start our new team the beginning of April to May but things will obviously be a little different this year and if you feel you need more time away for your families safety we can arrange for that as well! 

For those taking, please get payments in immediately so I have an idea of who will be attending in a May. Once things get settled in a little bit I will be arranging for make up days for the missed weeks of March as well. 

Thank you all so much and we can’t wait to see everyone back! Please don’t hesitate to call me for questions. 

Tennille Rigby 801-644-4411

Fuzion offers a complete program for students 4.5yrs+ and all abilities. We stress the true technique of power tumbling, euro trampoline, double mini and cheerleading. We no longer offer free trial classes. Please feel free to come watch our classes during business hours to see if we are the right fit!

Need leotards??  Fuzion has over 100 in-stock GK elite leotards to choose from and all at SPECIAL DISCOUNT prices!!


FUZION is now the official owner of the AMAZING Clay's Tumbling and Cheer. This has been the same family owned business for over 45 years! We welcome everyone into our 15,000sf facility! We have all brand new top of the line Jr. olympic regulation equipment.  


Our parent meeting and tryouts will be put on hold for now. Once we have more info on when we can start back up I will post updates on here and through our gym email.


AUG 26 2019 - Mar 2020

Please come in person during business hours to register. 

Registration fee is $65, multiple times a week is HIGHLY recommended and discounted! For more information on levels please see the "Classes" Link in the menu


Monthly Tuition ($65 for 1hr per week) * ($100 for 2hrs per week) * ($135 for 3hrs per week)

Monday— 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm 

Tuesday— 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm

Wednesday— 4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm 

Thursday—  4-5pm, 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm 

Friday—  2-3pm


Monthly Tuition ($75 for 1hr 15min per week) * ($115 for 2hrs 30min per week) * ($155 for 3hrs 45min per week)

Monday—4-5:15pm, 6:30-7:45pm

Tuesday— 5:30-6:45pm, 6:45-8pm

Wednesday— 4-5:15pm

Thursday— 5:30-6:45pm, 6:45-8pm


Monthly Tuition ($85 for 1hr 30min per week) * ($130 for 3hrs per  week) * ($175 for 4hrs 30min per week)


Thursday— 4-5:30pm

Friday— 2-3:30pm


Monthly Tuition ($85 for 1hr 30min per week) * ($130 for 3hrs per week) * ($175 for 4hrs 30min per week)



Wednesday— 5:30-7pm

Thursday— 5:30-7pm


Monthly Tuition ($85 for 1hr 30min a week) * ($130 for 3hrs a week) * ($175 for 4hrs 30min a week)



Monthly Tuition $65 for 1hr a week or $35 extra for an add-on class




Monthly Tuition $65 for 1hr a week or $35 extra for an add-on class




Monthly Tuition ($150 for 2x’s team) or ($200 for fully unlimited)

Monday— 4:00-6:00pm

Tuesday— 4:00-6:00pm

Wednesday— 4:00-6:00pm

Thursday— 4:00-6:00pm

2020 Spring/Summer CLASS SCHEDULE.. SIGN UP NOW!

May 4th - TBD 2020


Monday— 8-9am(open), 9-10am(open), 10-11am(full), 11-12pm(full

Tuesday— 8-9am(open), 9-10am(full), 10-11am(open), 11-12pm(open), 

& 6-7pm(open) 7-8pm(open)

Wednesday— 8-9am(open), 9-10am(open), 10-11am(open), 11-12pm(full)

Thursday—  N/A


Monday—10:00-11:15(full), 11:15-12:30(open)

Tuesday— 10:00-11:15(open), 11:15-12:30(full) & 4:00-5:15pm(n/a)

Wednesday— 10:00-11:15(n/a), 11:15-12:30(n/a)

Thursday— N/A


Monday—10:00-11:30(full), 11:30-1(open)

Tuesday—10:00-11:30(full), 11:30-1(open) & 5:15-6:45pm(open)

Wednesday— 10:00-11:30am(full), 11:30-1pm(full)

Thursday— N/A



Thursday- N/A 





Monday—8:00-10:00am (open)

Tuesday— 8:00-10:00am(open)

Wednesday— 8:00-10:00am(full)

Our Mission...

Fuzion Tumbling and Cheer is dedicated to the hard working students who want to be the best. We love to have fun but take tumbling, trampoline and cheerleading very serious. We are strict and have high expectations to make our students their very best. We highly encourage students to join our Jr. Olympic Tumbling Team.


Our staff takes pride upon teaching students the safe and correct ways of power tumbling, double-mini trampoline and cheerleading. All of our staff are AWESOME tumblers, and coach at a level 8+   

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